Wednesday, September 16, 2009


SWAP OUT: Sports Gel FOR Raisins!

Studies show that participants performed equally as well whether they ate raisins or a sports gel before exercise. Both contain quickly digestible carbs, enabling the body to save its muscle fuel for later in the workout. Have a quarter of a cup of raisins up to 45 minutes
before a workout.

SWAP OUT: Ibuprofen FOR Cherry Juice!

People who drank cherry juice before an endurance race felt significantly less pain than a placebo group did. Cherries are rich in anthocyanins, compounds that reduce inflammation.

SWAP OUT Sports Drinks FOR Whole Wheat Cereal with Milk!

Researchers found that two servings of Wheaties with milk replenished the fuel stores in athletes' muscles as well as carbohydrate-based sports drink did. And the milk provides a bonus: amino acids that help repair muscles' fibers.


  1. Does it matter what type of milk? Whole, 2% or Fat Free?

  2. Good question!! On average here are the calorie and fat statistics on milk:

    •Whole Milk - 150 Calories - 8g Fat
    •2% Milk - 120 Calories - 4.5g Fat
    •1% Milk - 100 Calories - 2.5g Fat
    •Skim Milk - 80 Calories - 0g Fat

    For the majority of my clients, following a typical diet, I reccommend 2% milk. 2% milk still provides an adequate number of calories and fat as well as the nutrients found in full fat whole milk. Endurance and more elite athletes can handle whole milk (from a fat and calorie perspective) because they tend to burn through more fat and calories than the average individual.

    (Note: For people with lactose intolerances I would suggest rice milk or almond milk. Other types of milks, such as goat's milk are lower lactose than traditional cow's milk as well)