Wednesday, October 7, 2009

7 WORST MALL FOODS you're at the mall and hunger strikes! We all know that mall food probably isn't the best food but these 7 dishes are insanely bad. Even my mouth hit the floor at some of the nutritional statistics. I mean seriously!! So the next time you are at the mall and your stomach starts to growl avoid these 7 evils at ALL COSTS!

1. Smoothie King's Hulk Strawberry Smoothie (20oz): 1044 CALORIES; 35g FAT; 120g SUGAR! Okay people, that is for the 20oz which is the SMALL and it contains more calories than 2 Big Macs! Instead try this: Low-Carb Strawberry Smoothie (20oz): 268 CALORIES; 9g Fat; 3g SUGAR!

2. Starbuck's Double Chocolaty Chip Frappaccino w/ Whipped Cream (16oz/Grande): 510 CALORIES; 19g FAT (11g saturated fat); 59g SUGAR; 300mg SODIUM! Okay, I know this one just sounds bad by the name but would you have guessed that it contains about 1/3 of the amount of fat you should have in ONE day!! Instead try this: Coffee Frappaccino Light Blended Coffee (16oz/Grande): 130 CALORIES; 0.5g FAT; 16g SUGAR!

3. Coldstone's PB&C Shake (large): 2010 CALORIES; 131g FAT (68g saturated fat); 153g SUGAR! This frosty monster contains an entire's day worth of calories and almost three and half times the the daily limit for saturated fat! WOW! Instead try this: 16oz Sinless Oh Fudge Shake: 500 CALORIES; 2g FAT!

4. Auntie Anne's Jumbo Preztel Dog: 610 CALORIES; 29g FAT (13g saturated fat); 1150mg SODIUM! This concoction contains almost half your daily upper limit of fat and sodium. Try this instead: The Orginial Preztel without salt and butter: 310 CALORIeS; 1g FAT. That is a much better snack!

5. Cinnabon's Caramel Pecanbon: 1092 CALORIES; 56g FAT; 47g SUGAR! This one roll contains about half the calories and almost all the fat you should consume in ONE day! Try this instead: The Minibon: 300 CALORIES; 11g FAT.

6. Wendy's Sweet & Spicy Boneless Wings: 550 CALORIES; 18g FAT; 27g SUGAR; 2530mg SODIUM! Okay, calorie-wise this isn't a bad choice if it makes up your entire lunch, BUT it contains more salt than you should have in a single day let alone a single meal! Try this instead: The Utlimate Grilled Chicken Sandwich: 320 CALORIES; 7g FAT; 8g SUGAR; 950mg SODIUM! That is still a lot of sodium people so don't make this an everyday habit!

7. Dunkin Donuts Coffee Cake Muffin: 620 CALORIES; 25g FAT (7g saturated fat); 54g SUGAR; 93g CARBS! Muffins are typically thought of as healthier than doughnuts. NOT ALWAYS TRUE! You would have to eat three glazed doughnuts to match the nutritional stats of this single muffin! Try this instead: One Glazed Doughnut: 220 CALORIES; 9g FAT; 12g SUGAR; 31g CARBS!

My Tip: PLAN AHEAD! If you know you are going to be at the mall during the lunch hour pack some healthy snacks that you can munch on (like fruit, nuts, or raisins) to help satsify your tummy so you don't go running for the food court!

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