Sunday, November 15, 2009

San Antonio RESULTS

I LOVE the Internet! My official race results are already posted from this morning!!! How Cool!

My time: 1:39:34 (1/2 Marathon: 13.1 miles)

5K: 23:3 (7:36 mile pace)
10K: 46:41 (7:31 mile pace)
15K: 1:11:05 (7:38 mile pace)
13.1 MILES: 1:39:34 (7:36 mile pace)

Overall Place: 394 (out of 20,021 half marathon runners!)
Overall Place (by sex): 66 (out of 12,585 women!)
Place in my age group: 22 (out of 2,148 runners 25-29!)

Thanks to everyone for the support and good-luck wishes! It all helped!!


  1. You ROCK, I'm so proud of you and everything that you have accomplished. I can't wait to see what you do next!

  2. omg you are speedy!! i wish to run a half in under 1:40 but i think im gonna have to get training wheels on my shoes to do it.

  3. Thanks everyone! I appreciate all the comments...yall are awesome!